MotoGrafik is a design and communications company in Fort Mill, SC offering expertise in both traditional and progressive forms of media. The company was founded after 10 years of experience of producing work for a variety of clients – from a beach store, real estate agent, dog breeder, automotive aftermarket company, community hospital, to building a car enthusiast online community of 10,000+ members.

Level of service

Whether you’re a small business or a large company – we can shape our services to accommodate your needs. We enjoy working with a variety of personalities, whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketing specialist or I.T. tech. Here at MotoGrafik, we pride ourselves in getting all the details right – from budgets, specs and deadlines. Look no longer, you’re in good hands.

Ryan Klatt

Ryan Klatt



My favorite aspect of the marketing/design process is seeing my clients’ reaction to a concept for the first time and reveling in it when they smile.

Shane Sellers

Shane Sellers

Creative Director


My philosophy for marketing is to not let the message get lost in the design. Great creative should simultaneously think strategically and aesthetically.


Here at MotoGrafik, we understand the importance of an effective online web strategy and dedicate ourselves in making the internet a better place in both function and form.

We consider this your base camp. It is central to all marketing efforts and speaks volumes for your business when executed well. If your website is the first opportunity in building a relationship between you and your customers, why not guarantee they leave with a long-lasting impression?

At MotoGrafik, we make sure to use best practices in designing and building a website strategy. So that means usability, navigation, readability, aesthetics, browser standards, and mobile compatibility all play a pivotal part in having an effective website in the eyes of your customers.

On the flip side, we also understand what it takes to maintain a website server-side. We make sure to use efficient content management systems that align with what’s important to I.T., marketing or site administrators and keep a site easy to edit with fresh content.


  • Design and programming (CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, form development)
  • Mobile friendly website development
  • Content management systems and template development (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)
  • Landing pages, microsites and blogs
  • Flash design and streaming media
  • eCommerce applications
  • Social communities and forums (phpBB, vBulletin, JomSocial, Community Builder)
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Website and Email hosting

Communication can take many forms and we surround ourselves with ideas that leap off of paper. Make sure your message is read and remembered.

Though some argue that print media is a thing of the past and say print advertising is down billions of dollars every year, it is still very much alive and some forms of it can’t be replaced. So in saying that, traditional print media should still be a part of your marketing budget in order to continually increase your brand awareness and recognition.

Whether your communication needs to live on a billboard, tradeshow booth, newspaper ad, brochure, flyer, direct mail or on something as small as a sticker or business card, MotoGrafik can handle your needs from start to finish. We enjoy being part of the creative process in the front-end aligning with marketing initiatives but we also have the skill sets needed to handle print production and planning.


  • Advertising (magazine, newspaper)
  • Collateral (brochures, annual reports, direct mail, flyers, sales sheets, newsletters)
  • Large format (billboards, tradeshow displays, posters, wall graphics, indoor and outdoor signage, banners, vehicle graphics)
  • Print production and management (online vendors, local brokers)

Whether you are an industry icon or just a local business, we revel in branding your company so that it is appealing to the audience listening in.

Let’s just start with the basics. Your logo is a mark or symbol that is representative of your company in its simplest form. Identity is the visual component(s) that make up your company. Your brand is the emotional image perceived by your customers in whole. Branding is encompassing and is the foundation of your corporate image. If not executed correctly, it can have a snowball effect on the success of your company in the eyes of your customers and employees. Here at MotoGrafik, we will make sure your brand is implemented verbally, visually and strategically.


  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Graphic standards manuals
  • Brand consulting
  • Product marketing

Offering an array of services suited to meet your needs, whether you need a well crafted HTML email or a turn-key solution, MotoGrafik prides itself as an expert in email marketing.

Email marketing is an inexpensive tool that is often overlooked yet is very effective in maintaining a relationship with your current customers and could jump start the conversation with new leads. One of the key parts in writing an email message is playing the fine line of selling and pushing vs being a reputable source of information. Customers want to know you are there but don’t need reminded every 5 minutes of it.

There is also an art in how the message is delivered. Striking headlines, clever subject lines, subtle call-to-actions, beautiful images and curiosity-evoking teasers – these all play a part in a well crafted email that can ultimately generate revenue for your company. If you’re wondering whether or not you should make the investment, look no further and let us work together in getting the fire started for a new email marketing program that delivers.


  • eBlasts and eNewsletters programmed under strict HTML/CSS standards
  • Platform integration for small, medium or large companies (Dynamic Messenger, iContact, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Emma, BlueHornet)
  • Internal and external campaign email marketing
  • Dynamic messaging and variable implementation
  • Message tracking and metrics
  • List management (segments, suppression, CRM integration)
  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM laws

Whether you need a web clip, spot or a video for a sales presentation, MotoGrafik has the resources needed to make it all happen from start to finish.

Telling a story or marketing through live action is a medium that most customers love. Compared to other forms of communication, it has depth and allows for opportunities which wouldn’t normally be possible. Adapt to this fast changing world by using video as a form of communication.


  • Art direction, script development, filming
  • Post production video editing and title creation
  • DVD interface design and packaging
  • Tradeshow kiosks
  • Sales presentations

Traditional marketers are scared of it but customers love it. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. MySpace. Digg [the list goes on and on]. Social media is here to stay.

Let’s face it – social media has blown up and Facebook is at the center. It’s hands down the most cost-effective way in growing your fan base. By engaging with your customers in popular social media outlets, you can yield a 2-way conversation that is atypical to traditional advertising. The formula is simple – your company + social networking = win (valid in most cases).


  • Facebook/Twitter customization
  • Landing page design
  • YouTube page customization and cross-promotion
  • Social sharing widgets, badges and other social tools
  • Newsletter signup form integration


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